About Us

We are two sisters that enjoy quilting and fabric.  Most of the women in our family have quilted for at least 6 generations.  We have decided to open this on-line store hoping to provide a variety of fabric at reasonable prices.  


I am married and my husband Ric and I have one child, Greg.   He has grown up and married going on 10 years. We are proud of both our son and his wife.  They met in college and both graduated from Longwood University.  My son is a software engineer.  His wife, Maria has received a doctorate in chemistry from Georgetown University and now teaches college.  We currently have two cats that rule the house and let us sleep there at night.

My favorite fabrics are batiks and blue seems to be my favorite color.  My quilts tend to be traditional pieced quilts because I find piecing very relaxing. 


My husband Dale and I have three girls.  The oldest, Danielle, has recently graduated from culinary school and is currently working as a chef outside of Washington, DC.  My middle daughter, Jenny, is currently attending college while working part time in a book store.  Our youngest, Andrea, is currently in third grade and has already started quilting. 

I have been quilting for over twelve years.  I enjoy most aspects of quilting, but prefer machine piecing and quilting.  I make both traditional and art quilts, but never seem to have enough time to finish.  I often get excited about starting a new project and jump into it before finishing my last, I call this Quilting ADD.